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Reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of everyday stress. An expert massage therapist will restore your sense of well-being.


LaStone Therapy

LaStone Therapy is one of the fastest growing forms of massage in spas today. Though the use of hot basalt stones and chilled marble stones, this ultimate thermotherapy massage eases tight muscles, relieves stress and alleviates tension. You are sure to be left in a state of relaxation that almost defies explanation.

                           50 minutes       $115.00

                           80 minutes       $165.00

                           Aromatherapy  $10.00 additional


Therapeutic Massage

No visit to the Spa is complete without a special massage.  Trained therapist in Swedish, French and deep tissue massage.  The therapeutic massage will be sure to calm the nervous system and provide mind and body balance.

                           50 minutes       $80.00

                           80 minutes       $115.00


Aromatherapy Body Massage

A body treatment using natural and essential oils from herbs and flowers which relieves stress, improves the skin, builds energy, relaxes muscles, nerves and promotes detoxification.

                           50 minutes       $90.00

                           80 minutes       $125.00



Pressure with the thumbs and fingers is applied to the hands and feet to release blockages and re-establish the body's energy flow.

                           25 minutes       $45.00


LaStone Reflexology 

With the use of heated hand and foot stones melts away your tension, releases blockages and re-establishes your body's energy flow.                    25 minutes       $60.00



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LaStone Therapy    

Therapeutic Massage



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